Pure Clean Water

The Chalk streams crisis in greater Cambridge

The Film

A feature documentary

63 min | UK | 2023

Is the Cambridge growth phenomenon about to be derailed by a shortage of water?

For 250 years a chalk stream, diverted into the town centre, provided Cambridge with drinking water. It was a hugely successful public health initiative, supported by both town and university.

Now, pumping from underground chalk aquifers brings potable water at great convenience. But in the process springs are drying up and precious chalk streams are disappearing.

Water companies, regulators, businesses, land owners, consumers and government have overseen a developing groundwater emergency. Can these groups come together to ensure that Cambridge has a reliable water supply without further damaging the environment?


A superb documentary which every developer, politician and consumer should watch. Unmissable!

– Mike Scialom

Cambridge Independent

Our Story

The Team

Portrait of Tony Eva
A campaigner and environmentalist, Tony established the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series and Carbon Neutral Cambridge. He is a passionate water campaigner and is currently helping reintroduce wetlands into his local nature reserve
Writer | Producer
Blank face
Christine is a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker with a masters in cinematography from the National Film and Television School. She has more than twenty five film and documentary credits including award winning television documentaries for the BBC and Channel Four
Assistant Producer | sound
Nigel worked at BBC Bristol before studying at the National Film and Television School. His work has appeared on ITV, the Discovery Channel and Channel 5. Recent credits include Waterlight, a film about the River Mel chalk stream. He is currently completing his own project about the Snettisham RSPB reserve.
Jamie is the director of documentary films Underdogs and Man Down as well as a number of music videos.
A graduate of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Juan is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. A prolific composer, he already has the music credits to over 20 indie short films, documentaries and art installations. He also has a personal project which will be released under the artistic pseudonym, Luminecho.
Music composer & producer

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